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Halflang haar met pony: de stijl van een it-girl

Het halflange haar met een pony is vrouwelijk en de definitie van rock 'n' roll met een zachte kant. Maar wat is hetgeen dat deze 'clavicut' zo'n gewilde coupe onder stijlvolle vrouwen maakt? Misschien zit het geheim in het subtiele volume en de rechte pony die zorgt voor een uitgesproken, minimalistisch effect.

Bangs make a thick mid-length cut into a must-have

There is a happy medium between a classic smooth/wavy mid-length cut, and its deliberately disheveled version. Soft, feminine and a bit folksy, voilà: the thick clavicut with bangs. This bold-shaped style is, among other aspects, what gives trendsetting bloggers and red carpet stars-who've adopted the look worldwide - their special allure.

The mid-length cut with bangs softly frames the face

According to our specialist, hairstyle ambassador Denis Holbecq, this mid-length cut with bangs is the ideal face-framer: "It's a clavicut which provides the perfect frame to both round- and square-shaped faces, and the bangs emphasize the eyes. It's ideal for thick hair, and blond shades look especially great with this look, giving the face an angelic softness."

The clavicut with bangs: it's all in the volume

For all of us, in order to copy Alexa Chung's signature hairstyle, it's important not to let the hair fall flat against your cheeks. In order to maintain the required volume for a thick mid-length cut with bangs, a trip to the hair salon is necessary. A professional stylist will create sophisticated layering according to the texture of your hair, and fix it in place with a volumizing product such as Full Volume by L'Oréal Professionnel.

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